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Cryocooler Family

Displex Cryocoolers

Pneumatically Driven

Low Vibration

Easily Field Servicable

Low Cost of Ownership

LT3B Flow Cryostat

Helium Flow Cryostats

Coaxial Shield Flow Transfer Line

Atomic Resolution

UHV Compatible

Sample In Vacuum Cryostats

Wide Variety of Shrouds to Choose From

Option of Stainless Steel or Aluminum Vacuum Shrouds

Cryogenic Probe Station Product Page

Probe Stations

Easily Customizable

Large Optical Access


Sample in Vapor Cryostats

Fast Sample Change

Available in Optical, Non-Optical, and Neutron Sciences

Cryostats for Optical Spectroscopy Applications

Ultra Low Vibration Cryostats

3-5 nm of Vibration

Cryogen Free

Optical, Non-Optical, and Microscopy


UHV Cryostats

Bakeable to 80 C

True UHV Capable of 10-11 Torr

ARS-4HW Compressor

Cryogenic Accessories

Window Materials

Sample Holders

High Temperature Interfaces


Vacuum Systems


ICEFLY Cryogenic Delivery System

A New Innovation in Machining

Replaces Standard Flood-Cooled or Dry Cutting Operations