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ARS Helium Liquefier

The Helifier provides an economical way to recover helium exhaust from laboratory cryostats and liquefy it for continued use. Cooled by the powerful ARS DE-215 cryocooler, the Helifier will generatre liquid helium at a rate of 18 liters per day and store up to 100 liters of liquid, which is roughly a week's worth of normal helium usage for cryostat applications.

This product is ideally suited for labs with moderate liquid helium usage, and gives you the freedom to choose when and how you perform your experiments.

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Reclaim boil-off during short term measurements from a variety of cryostats:

  • Flow cryostat
  • Bath cryostat
  • VTI

Dedicated recovery from one or more permanent installations:

  • Superconducting magnet
  • MRI machine
  • NMR spectrometer
  • 18 L/day
  • 100 L storage
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Easy operation
Typical Configuration
  • Helium liquefier
  • Liquid nitrogen cooled helium purifier
  • Atmospheric pressure helium recovery bag
  • Medium pressure (400psi) compressor and gas storage tanks
Options and Upgrades
  • High pressure (2700psi) compressor and gas storage tanks
  • Cryogen-free helium purifier
  • Larger atmospheric pressure recovery bag
  • Additional gas storage banks
  • Cold swap purifiers

The ARS Advantage

4 K, 5.5 K, 10 K Fine-Tuned For Your Temperature Range
A Selection of ARS Manufactured Displex Cold Heads

The DE-204SF cold head is a precision machine carefully tuned to achieve temperatures below 4 K with 0.2 W of cooling power at 4.2 K.

The DE-204AFcold head is a rugged workhorse built with power and durability in mind, achieving temperatures below 9 K with 2 W of cooling power at 10 K.

The DE-204PF cold head is a hybrid of the the 4 K and 10 K philosophies, achieving a balance that exhibits the best of both worlds, with temperatures below 5.5 K and 3 W of cooling power at 10 K.

High Temperature Options
800K Interface Manufactured by ARS

Our high temperature interfaces use a unique combination of mechanical and thermodynamic properties to create a high temperature thermal disconnect between the cold head and the sample space. This allows for heating of the sample space far in excess of the maximum 355 K temperature of our cryocoolers.

450 K The Easy Way

Our 450 K interface is a simple semi-permanent addition to the cold tip that expands the upper sample temperature range by 95 K utilizing most of the same instrumentation as our standard cryocoolers.

800 K - Pouring on the Heat

Our specially designed 800 K interface goes beyond the standard techniques to provide a unique system that maximizes thermal conduction at low temperatures while minimizing heat transfer at high temperatures. Beyond the safe operating temperature of silicon diodes, the standard sensors are replaced with E-type thermocouples and platinum RTDs.

Wired the Right Way - Your Way
Thermally Anchored Sensor Wiring on the DE-202 Cold Tip

Our technicians painstakingly wrap each cold head for optimum thermal anchoring. We offer you the choice of a variety of wiring options, from our standard offerings of single strand copper and low noise coaxial wiring packages to any number of custom wiring configurations.

Typical instrumentation for temperature measurement and control include one 50 ohm thermofoil heater, one curve matched silicon diode for rough temperature control, and one free length calibrated diode for direct attachment to the sample or sample holder for accurate temperature measurement. Silicon diode sensors are favored heavily for most standard applications because of their low cost, durability, and stability, but we do offer a wide variety of other sensors for different applications such as Cernox sensors for high magnetic fields, E-type thermocouples for 4 K-800 K measurements, and platinum RTDs for accurate high temperature measurements.

Our wide selection of wiring and instrumentation is matched by an equally wide selection of temperature controllers from Cryocon, Lake Shore, and Scientific Instruments.

Specialized Optics For All Applications
DMX-1AL Optical Block

Window Materials for All Transmission Ranges

High purity quartz is the standard window material for most of our optical cryostats, but we have a wide variety of other window materials available, from near IR materials like CaF2 and KBr to far IR and terrahertz like Ultra High Molecular Wright Polyethylene and Picarin, to Kapton, Mylar and beryllium for x-ray experiments. If you don't see the window material you're looking for, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Optimized for Weak Signal Collection with Minimum Heat Load

The tiered optical access of the large clear view vacuum shroud window and radiation shield optical ports allows for a large cone of optical access and at the same time limits the area of exposure to 300 K thermal radiation.

Low Stress Window Mounts

Our window ports are designed to gently cradle the window material, creating a low stress seal that limits optical distortions.

Water Cooled Compressor For Your Convenience
The ARS-2HW Compressor

The water cooled ARS-4HW compressor that powers the DE-204 Series cold heads has many benefits that are amplified in small laboratory settings. The water cooling redirects heat energy that would otherwise be dumped into the lab by a large cooling fan. The lack of a large cooling fan also dramatically reduces the noise of these compressors (only 60 dBA). Additionaly with minimum air circulation, the air currents and dust are kept to a minimum. The high efficiency heat exchanger results in low water usage and saves space inside the compressor, giving it a small footprint. When water is not available our Coolpac™ remote recirculation system can send cooling water from up to 100 feet away.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Maintenance
DE-202 Disassembled for Service

The ARS DE-204 Closed Cycle Cryocooler operates on a pneumatically driven Gifford-McMahon refrigeration cycle that is both mechanically simple and robust.

12,000-Hour Maintenance Cycle

Over time the internal components of the cold head begin to wear. Eventually the performance of the cold head will decline and some time after 12,000 hours certain internal components need to be replaced or refurbished. With most closed cycle cryocoolers the only option is to send the cold head back to the manufacturer for service.

A Second Option

The simplicity of the ARS pneumatically driven cryocooler allows for another option. Our customers can purchase a service kit for our 10 K and 5.5 K cryocoolers that replaces all of the worn components. This service kit can be ordered ahead of time and reduce down time to a matter of hours instead of weeks.

HeL-18 Liquefier Specifications

Liquid Helium Production  
  Production Rate 18 L/day
  Storage 100 L
  Initial Startup 40 hours
  Operating Pressure 2.5 - 10 PSIG (0.17 - .68 Bar)
Cooling Technology  
  Closed Cycle Cryocooler DE-215
  Base Temperature 2.7 K
  2nd Stage Cooling Capacity 1.5 W @ 4.2 K
  1st Stage Cooling Capacity 30 W @ 45 K
  Maintenance Cycle 10,000 Hours
  Cart Physical Characteristics  
  Dimensions - L x W x H 60” x 30” x 59”


Compressor Specifications

Compressor Model ARS-10HW
  Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz
    Standard Voltage Min 208 V 190 V
  Max 230 V 210 V
    High Voltage Min 440 V 380 V
  Max 480 V 415 V
    Power Usage Three Phase 7.7 kW 7.7 kW
    Refrigerant Gas 99.999% helium gas, pre-charged
    Ambient Temperature 5 - 40 C (40 - 104 F)
    Cooling Water Consumption 5.7 L / min (1.5 Gal. / min)
  Temperature < 20 C (68 F)
  Connection 1/2 in. Swagelok fitting
    Dimensions: L 483 mm (19 in.)
  W 533 mm (21 in.)
  H 617 mm (24.3 in.)
    Weight Compressor 105 kg (230 lbs)
    Typical Maintenance Cycle 30,000 hours

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