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DE-210 Cryocooler Series

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ARS DE-210 Closed Cycle Cryocooler
ARS-10HW Compressor

The DE-210 is our largest and most powerful closed cycle cryocooler. This system is ideal when there are high heat loads and when fast cooldowns need to occur.

ARS manufactures both the cryocooler and the laboratory interface allowing for seamless trouble-free integration of our laboratory systems.

Download ARS Cryocooler Data Sheet

Our DE-210 cryocoolers are typically equipped with a bolt-on stainless steel instrumentation skirt with an ISO-160 flange (DE-210E).

The DE-210F is just the bare cold head geared towards OEMs and system builders who prefer to build their own custom laboratory interface.

The ARS manufactured DE-210B is a true UHV cold head (10-11 Torr) where all of the rubber o-ring seals have been replaced with welded joints and metal seals.

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  • Cryogen free
  • Displex® pneumatically driven Gifford-McMahon closed cycle cryocooler designed for low sample vibrations
  • Simple efficient design with only 2 moving components for high reliability
  • Easy field maintenance
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Water cooled ARS-10HW compressor for quiet and clean operation

Standard Components

Options and Upgrades

  • 4 K cold head (1 W @ 4.2 K)
  • 10 K cold head (4 W @ 10 K)
  • 450 K high temperature interface
  • 800 K high temperature interface

The ARS Advantage

4 K, 10 K Fine-Tuned For Your Temperature Range
A Selection of ARS Manufactured Displex Cold Heads

The DE-210SE cold head is a precision machine carefully tuned to achieve temperatures below 4 K with 1 W of cooling power at 4.2 K.

The DE-210AE cold head is a rugged workhorse built with power and durability in mind achieving temperatures below 9 K with 4 W of cooling power at 10 K.

High Temperature Options
800K Interface Manufactured by ARS

Our high temperature interfaces use a unique combination of mechanical and thermodynamic properties to create a high temperature thermal disconnect between the cold head and the sample space. This allows for heating of the sample space far in excess of the maximum 355 K temperature of our cryocoolers.

450 K The Easy Way

Our 450 K interface is a simple semi-permanent addition to the cold tip that expands the upper sample temperature range by 95 K utilizing most of the same instrumentation as our standard cryocoolers.

800 K - Pouring on the Heat

Our specially designed 800 K interface goes beyond the standard techniques to provide a unique system that maximizes thermal conduction at low temperatures while minimizing heat transfer at high temperatures. Beyond the safe operating temperature of silicon diodes, the standard sensors are replaced with E-type thermocouples and platinum RTDs.

Water Cooled Compressor For Your Convenience
The ARS-2HW Compressor

The water cooled ARS-10HW compressor that powers the DE-210 Series cold heads has many benefits that are amplified in small laboratory settings. The water cooling redirects heat energy that would otherwise be dumped into the lab by a large cooling fan. The lack of a large cooling fan also dramatically reduces the noise of these compressors (only 60 dBA). Additionaly with minimum air circulation, the air currents and dust are kept to a minimum. The high efficiency heat exchanger results in low water usage and saves space inside the compressor, giving it a small footprint.

Cryocooler Specifications

Cryocooler Model DE-210AE DE-210SE
  Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz
    Base Temperature < 9 K < 9 K < 3 K < 3 K
    Cooling Capacity- 4.2 K - - 1 W 1 W
  10 K 4 W 4 W 9 W 9 W
  20 K 17 W 17 W 16 W 16 W
  77 K 25 W 25 W 25 W 26 W
    Radiation Shield Cooling Capacity 60 W 60 W 60 W 60 W
       (1st Stage Cooling Capacity at 77 K)        
    Maximum Cylinder Temperature 355 K 355 K
    Cooldown Time- 20 K 35 min 35 min 40 min 40 min
  Base Temperature 70 min 70 min 80 min 80 min
    Weight Expander 14 kg (31 lbs) 15 kg (33 lbs)
Compressor Model ARS-10HW ARS-10HW
    Standard Voltage Min 208 V 190 V 208 V 190 V
  Max 230 V 2210 V 230 V 210 V
    Power Usage Three Phase 7.7 kW 7.7 kW 7.7 kW 7.7 kW
    Dimensions: L 483 mm (19 in) 483 mm (19 in)
  W 534 mm (21.0 in) 534 mm (21.0 in)
  H 618 mm (24.3 in) 618 mm (24.3 in)
    Weight Compressor 113 kg (250 lbs) 113 kg (250 lbs)
    Typical Maintenance Cycle 30,000 hours 30,000 hours

Heat Load Map


Vibration Levels

Flat Flange Cold Head

DE-210*E Closed Cycle Cryocooler with Bolt On Instrumentation Skirt

Bolt On Stainless Steel Conflat Flange

DE-210*F Closed Cycle Cryocooler with a Flat Flange and Flanged Heat Stations

With Flanged Heat Stations

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